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Marginality, Social--Religious aspects--Christianity.  » More like this
Multiculturalism--Religious aspects--Christianity.  » More like this
Religious pluralism--Christianity.  » More like this

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Workshops and Presentations


  • General Theological Seminary (VISIONS, Inc.)
    Multicultural Assessment and Training
  • University of Wisconson and Extension (VISIONS, Inc.)
    Train the Trainer Multicultural Capacity Building
  • St. Anne's Episcopal Church. Old Lyme, CT
    Transition training, support and vestry retreat
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VISIONS, Inc.)
    Multicultural Assessment and Training


  • Kalamazoo College
    June 19-20, 2017. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.VISIONS with Deborah Walker


  • Episcopal Church of Connecticut 
    May 15-17, 2017. Clergy Conference. VISIONS with Valerie Batts
  • Episcopal Church of Connecticut 
    April 7, 2017. Retreat for Deacons and Seminarians with Karen Montagno
  • ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
    January 11-13 & 17-19, 2017. Capacity building for Board and Ordination Program
    March 17-19, 2017. Strategic Planning
  • Trinity Church. Boston, MA 
    March 4, 2017. Disciple Development Day
  • Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Pennsylvania
    February 26-28, 2016. Clergy Retreat. VISIONS with Deborah Walker.
  • Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. VISIONS with Angela Bryant and others
    February 25 and March 25, 2017. Multicultural Training Days for 400+ clergy and laity
  • Trinity Church. Boston, MA 
    February 8, 2017. Diversity and inclusion training for senior staff and Anti-racism work group.
  • Holy Cross College. Worchester, MA
    October 26 & November 16. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion for Campus Chaplains.
  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Fairfiled, CT 
    October 16, 2017. Emotional Literacy for Transition
  • Episcopal Church of Connecticut 
    October 4-7, 2016. Multicultural Training (VISIONS)
  • The Old Catholic Church, Province of the United States 
    September 30 - October 2, 2016. Leadership Training for Annual Conference
  • Aleph Clergy Camp. Fort Collins, CO
    July 3-10, 2016. Leadership Training for Rabbis.
  • Northfield Conference. Northfiled, MA 
    June 25 - July 1, 2016. Courage, Feelings, and Diversity Workshops
  • General Convention Task Force on the Episcopacy, Baltimore
    June 20-21, 2016. Multiple Cultural Competence Training 

  • Massachusetts Department of Corrections (VISIONS with SPAN and Louis D. Brown Peace Institute) Intergenerational Justice Program

  • Episcopal Diocese of Iowa
    May 5-7. Annual Clergy Retreat
  • Ministry Reflection Group (with Lynda Tyson)
    Connecticut Clergy monthly peer reflection/case study group
  • Episcopal Church of Connecticut 
    April 30, 2016. Retreat for Deacons and Seminarians with Karen Montagno
  • Christ Church (Episcopal). Lincoln, RI
    April 2, 2016. Vestry Retreat
  • University of Wisconsin. Madison (VISIONS)
    March 22-23, 2016. Train the Trainer (Multicultural training)
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Ayer, MA
    March 11-12, 2016. Vestry Retreat
  • Dartmouth College: LEADS Program
    February 23, 2016. Multicultural Training with Deborah Walker (VISIONS, Inc.)
  • Trinity Church. Boston, MA
    February 21, 2016. Retreat for Anti-Racism Team
  • St. Paul's and St. James' Episcopal Church. New Haven, CT 
    January 9, 2016 Vestry Retreat; January 31 Annual Meeting Capacity Building during transition
  • University of Wisconsin. Madison, WI 
    January 14-15, 2015. Faculty and Staff.
  • Grace Episcopal Church. Hartford, CT 
    Multiple dates:Capacity Building during transition>
  • Episcopal Church (National)
    December 1-3, 2015. VISIONS, Inc. Retreat for Bishops working on race and reconciliation.
  • Boston University School of Theology. Boston, MA 
    November 17, 2015. The Role of Feelings in Supervision and Theological Reflection.
  • St Andrew's Episcopal Church. Little Compton,RI 
    October 4 and November 15, 2015Capacity Building during transition 
  • First Church of Christ (Congregational). East Haddam, CT 
    November 8, 2015. Sermon: "Surprise Endings" and Workshop on appreciating differences.
  • Episcopal Church of Connecticut. Leaders concerned with the Holy Land.  
    October 29, 2015. Multicultural/Interfaith training and capacity building.
  • Crawford United Methodist Church. Winchester, MA.  
    October 25, 2015. Author's workshop on Facing Feelings in Faith Communities.
  • The Old Catholic Church, Province of the United States 
    October 16-18, 2015. Retreat for leaders.
  • The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas 
    October 22-24, 2015. Diocesan Convention. Tocher Lecture and Anti-racism workshops  
  • Yale Divinity School 
    October 5, 2015. Anti-racism training with VISIONS-Inc.
  • Boston University School of Theology (Religion and Conflict Transformation Program)
    October 3, 2015. Retreat: Skills for Anti-racism work.
  • The Northern New England School of Religious Education (Winni)
    August 1-8, 2015. Workshops on Communicating across Differences and the Role of Feelings
  • St. Stephen's Memorial Church. Lynn, MA
    July 17-18, 2015. Leadership Retreat focusing on multiculturalism
  • St. James Church, Woonsocket, RI. 
    March 15 - May 31. Interim priest. Workshops on Guidelines and Feelings.
  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church. Charlotte, NC. < link > March 6-8, 2015. Congregational Workshop on Understanding and Celebrating Differences: "A Lenten Weekend of Reconciliation" and parish-wide book study of God's Tapestry.
  • Boston University School of Theology. Boston, MA
    February 24, 2015. The Role of Feelings in Leadership and Supervision. Field Education Supervisors.

  • The Episcopal Church in Connecticut
    February 21, 2015. Retreat for Standing Committee.
  • The Slate Project. Baltimore, MD < link >
    January 17 and 19, 2015. Multicultural training for leaders and cultural identity exercise.
  • University of Wisconsin. Madison, WI
    January 14-15, 2015. Faculty and Staff.

  • Practice of Ministry Reflection Group. New Haven, CT
    January 12, 2015. Episcopal Clergy of Connecticut.
  • Boston College High School. Boston, MA
    January 5, 2015. VISIONS, Inc. multicultural training for faculty and staff.
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design 
    December 2014 to June 2015. VISIONS, Inc. Diversity and InclusionAssessment.
  • Province One Bishops Retreat, Barbara C. Harris Conference Center
    December 8, 2014.

  • The Episcopal Church in Connecticutt. New Haven, CT
    November 12, 2014. Multicultural training for participants in ordination process with the Rev. Karen Montagno.
  • Episcopal Church at Yale. New Haven, CT
    October 4, 2014. Understanding and Valuing Differences for board members.
  • Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Church 
    July 26 and August 9,2014. VISIONS, Inc. Multicultural trining for cross cultural appoints for lay and clergy.
  • Camp Washington Board. Meriden, CT
    July 31, 2014. Formation and training of new board.

  • The Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Meriden, CT
    July 30, 2014. Staff training with Suzanne Ehly (VISIONS, Inc.)

  • Alliance of Baptists Annual Meeting. Portland, ME
    May 1-3, 2014. Multicultural half-day workshop with Marie Onwubuariri

  • Academy of Religious Leadership: Annual Meeting. Decatur, GA
    April 24-26, 2014. Presidental address and conference leadership.

  • Ministers Week, Brite Divinity School: "The Role of Emotions in Leadership and Community"
    The Scott Lecture (Plenary Session) February 17-20, 2014

  • SoulForce Ohio Symposium: "Trans*figuration & Trans*formation:  People & Communities
    Living Out Loud with Love" Columbus, OH

    held at the First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio February 7-9, 2014.

  • Church of Our Redeemer. Lexington, MA
    February 1, 2014. Vestry Retreat.

  • St. Luke's Episcopal Church. Darien, CT
    Fall 2013 and Winter 2014, On-going Consulting and Executive Coaching.

  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Madison, CT
    October 20, 2013. Vestry Leadership Consulting

  • Emmanuel Churc.  Boston, MA
    May 31 - June 1, 2013. Vestry Retreat.

  • St. Paul's Cathedral. Boston, MA
    March 18, 2013. Diversity: Changing the Culture of Leadership. Panelist.

  • St. Peter's Episcopal Chuch. Weston, MA
    March 10, 2013. God's Tapestry: Understanding and Celebrating Differences.

  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Ayer, MA
    March 9, 2013. Vestry Retreat.

  • Anglican Diocese of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    January 31, 2013. Multicultural Training for clergy

  • Holy Trinity Church. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    January 30, 2013. Creativity and Change in Congregations.

  • The Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Hartford, CT
    December 18, 2012. Facilitation Skills Training for Diocesan Consultants

  • Boston University School of Theology. Boston, MA
    November 27, 2012. The Role of Feelings in Supervision and Theological Reflection

  • Christ Church Cathedral. Hartford, CT
    October 4, 2012. The Role of Feelings during Transitions; Change Theory

  • Florida United Methodist Conference
    September 27 - 29, 2012 and October 15-17. Multi-cultural training with VISIONS, Inc.

  • Sorrento Centre. Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada
    July 11, 2012. Lecture: Creativity, Change, and Conflict in Congregations.  Sorrento Centre »