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God's Tapestry: Understanding and Recognizing Differences

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers | Alban Books, 2008.
285 pages. ISBN# 978-1-56699-363-0
BV639.M56 K66 2008

“God’s Tapestry is a groundbreaking book. With theoretical and theological insights robustly explored through the lens of relational psychology, Kondrath guides church leaders through transformative processes for honoring and celebrating the gifts of gender, racial, class, and many other forms of difference in congregations and communities.”

— Charles R. Foster, Professor of Religion and Education emeritus, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

“This book sneaks up on you. Its gentle tone creates a space for learning about self and others — a  soul-space where risks may be taken, relationships deepened, and change navigated in grace-filled ways. Bill Kondrath invites congregations into a new way of being together in the midst of differences, and offers a sturdy guidebook for leaders who need help ‘walking the talk’  of inclusion and hospitality.”   

— Alice Mann, Senior Consultant, The Alban Institute. Author of Can Our Church Live? Redeveloping Congregations in Decline, and co-author of Holy Conversations: Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for Congregations.



Foreword - by Mpho Tutu

The co-author (with Archbishop Desmond Tutu) of Made for Goodness describes reflects on theimportance of valuing and celebrating differences.

Chapter 1:  Guidelines for Recognizing and Valuing Difference

Articulates guidelines that foster healthy diverse communities.

Chapter 2:  Understanding Power and Difference: Race as a Primary Example

Includes a theological basis for valuing differences.

Gives examples of modern racism and internalized oppression behaviors.       

Treats power relative to clergy/lay differences. 

Chapter 3:  The Role of Feelings in Individual and Community Transformation

 Advocates for emotional literacy and affective competence as tools for multicultural transformation.

Describes how to move through emotional barriers to change.

Chapter 4:  The Role of Imagination in Transformation

Promotes the role of the Natural Child (transactional analysis) and the use of appreciative inquiry.

Chapter 5:  Relational Theory as a Way of Valuing Differences

Relation-cultural psychology focuses on the development of relationships, rather than "self" development. This theory explains how the real work of women gets "disappeared" within organizations and communities of faith. It offers ways to deepen relationship while valuing differences.

Chapter 6:  Transforming the Way Women and Men Work Together

Gives examples of three relational impasses in church settings and discusses how women and men can learn new steps in the dance of leadership.

Chapter 7:  The Rhythms of Transformation

Describes change theory and ways to work through disequilibrium and conflict to become a more inclusive and multicultural congregation or agency.

Subject areas: Christian leadership, pastoral ministry

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